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dc.creatorJelić, Mihailo Đ
dc.creatorCastro, Jose A
dc.creatorKurbalija Novičić, Zorana
dc.creatorKenig, Bojan
dc.creatorDimitrijević, Danica
dc.creatorSavić-Veselinović, Marija
dc.creatorJovanović, Milos
dc.creatorMilovanović, Dragomir
dc.creatorStamenković-Radak, Marina
dc.creatorAnđelković, Marko L.
dc.description.abstractThe genetic structure of Drosophila subobscura from the Balkan Peninsula was studied with respect to restriction site polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA in populations from the Derventa River Gorge and Sicevo Gorge (Serbia). To investigate the role of cytonuclear interactions in shaping mitochondrial DNA variability in natural populations of this species, the study was complemented with the analysis of linkage disequilibria between mitochondrial haplotypes and chromosomal inversion arrangements. Similar to other populations of D. subobscura, two main haplotypes (I and II) were found, as well as a series of less common ones. The frequencies of haplotypes I and II accounted for 25.8% and 71.0%, respectively, in the population from the Derventa River Gorge, and for 32.4% and 58.1%, respectively, in the population from Sicevo Gorge. One of the haplotypes harbored a large insertion (2.7 kb) in the A+T rich region. The frequency distribution of both haplotypes did not depart from neutrality. Contrary to prior studies, we did not detect any significant linkage disequilibrium between the two most frequent mtDNA haplotypes and any of the chromosomal arrangements in either of the populations. We conclude that linkage disequilibrium is not a general occurrence in natural populations of D. subobscura, and we discuss how transient coadaptations, ecologically specific selective pressures, and demographics could contribute to population-specific patterns of linkage disequilibrium.en
dc.description.sponsorshipMinistry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia [173012]sr
dc.titleAbsence of linkage disequilibria between chromosomal arrangements and mtDNA haplotypes in natural populations of Drosophila subobscura from the Balkan Peninsulaen
dcterms.abstractЈовановић, Милос; Кениг, Бојан; Димитријевић, Даница; Јелић, Михаило Ђ; Цастро, Јосе A; Савић-Веселиновић, Марија; Миловановић, Драгомир; Aнђелковић, Марко Л.; Стаменковић-Радак, Марина; Курбалија-Новичић, Зорана;

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